To be successful, you don't just have to do extraordinary things, you have to do ordinary things extraordinarily well.

Excel Taxi Sant Cugat S.L. is the project of a group of professionals with years of experience in the sector. We are curious, we have a different way of seeing things, we are non-conformist, we have entrepreneurial spirit and a dream of converting a utopian idea into a solid and promising project.

In order for the group to be as united as possible, from the day one we distributed the services equally and fairly among all company members, without making any distinctions and with full transparency. This is an attempt to make this uncommon way of working benefit the wellbeing of our drivers, transmitting that wellbeing into an excellent service for our customers.

We wished to create a comfortable space, with a careful selection of staff and high-end cars – with the corresponding features in safety and comfort that this supposes – in which you can enjoy a top quality journey for the same price as any other taxi in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area.

We specialise in journeys to and from Sant Cugat; we love Sant Cugat! We love working, meeting your neighbours, getting to know your businesses, participating in mobility and business matters, and seeing and experiencing first-hand how the city model develops.

Our project is long term. We want our customers to trust in us and that’s why we can’t fail. We have to do well every day.

We would be grateful if you tell us if you think that anything could be improved: Your feedback is essential to help us exceed ourselves and to not become complacent.

The entire Excel Taxi Sant Cugat S.L. team meets regularly to talk about your suggestions because we want to get better and better.

We are doing what we love, we are passionate about it and we hope that it shows!