Manage your bookings personally

  • With the App, you can make a booking, modify it or cancel it.
  • If you book a car and there are none available at that time, you will receive a list of those that are available a few minutes before or after.
  • You can request special vehicles (cars with large boots or minivans).
  • Save your regular routes.
  • Book taxis for third parties.
  • Book the return trip without having to re-enter details (for services to the airport or Sants station).
  • Contact your pick-up driver.
  • Rate the quality of service.
  • From “My Profile” you can configure whether you want to automatically add bookings to your calendar and receive confirmations of bookings by notification or email, etc.

Pay for the service easily through the App and get your receipts via email.

  • You can pay by credit card by simply entering the relevant details. And if you want, for greater ease of use, you can store the card details and then confirm future payments with just one click. In both transactions and the saving of card details, security is guaranteed by the financial entity responsible for the payment system used by the App.
  • In all services paid for through the App, you can forget paper receipts seeing as you can download them whenever you want, either individually for each service or by selecting various services and including them on a single receipt. Or, if you want, you can change the setting in “My Profile” so that you get a monthly receipt for all your services.