Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, 100% of the fleet is made up of Mercedes Benz vehicles.

No. Our rates are the same as any other taxi in the Barcelona metropolitan area. These rates are set by the authority that governs taxis in Barcelona and its metropolitan area: the Barcelona Metropolitan Area. Instituto Metropolitano del taxi.

We apply the minimum charge established in the rates for services requested through a service provider.

No. They only send messages for Airport and Sants station pick-ups. For all other services, you can rely on the taxi being at the pick-up point at the requested time. The taxi driver will only contact you in cases of an incident which causes a delay.

One hour’s notice is the minimum. There is no maximum. If you are travelling for a number of weeks and you wish to book a taxi for your return, you can.

No. It would be impossible to manage the fleet effectively and guarantee customers a good service on an internal level. We do not manage bookings for trips where the origin or destination is between Sant Cugat and Cerdanyola, Molins de Rei, Papiol or Rubí.

Yes, you can order a taxi by phone, via the App or through the website. If there is a taxi available, it will come as soon as possible.

Yes. Whenever you need a taxi immediately, you can order it, whatever the destination. As long as a taxi is available, it will come as soon as possible.

No, our journeys must start or finish in Sant Cugat.

Yes, minivan services have a supplementary charge.

Yes, as long as the pet is small and is in a pet-carrier.

If you book a taxi for a third party and you wish to pay for it, the only condition is that you make the payment in advance. Get more information by phone or by writing to

You can get more information and register as a premium customer through the App or by sending an email to

At night, we only take bookings to or from the Airport or Sants station.

The current demand for business trips means that we have to focus almost all our resources on the daytime service. This, together with the fact that we are a small company and the night-time demand is almost non-existent, obliges us to restrict the service to just a few hours a night.


Yes, if the booking is made sufficiently in advance and with its corresponding confirmation.

The usual practice is to indicate what time the plane will land. The driver will be aware of the flight’s status, they will know that you will come out a few minutes after it lands and they will be waiting for you.

This is important information for managing and organising the fleet. Customers who have not checked in any luggage can exit quickly whilst those who have checked baggage usually take longer. At times of peak demand, knowing this information can make our internal organisation much easier.

Yes. If you are not sure whether all your luggage will fit in a normal car, it is better if you tell us so that we can send a car with more loading space (an estate car or minivan, depending on availability).

In Terminal 1, we can pick you up from outside the terminal (at the meetign point) or we will go into the lobby to wait for you with a sign, just in front of Café di Fiore.

In Terminal 2, the driver will always come into the lobby to wait for customers, just in front of the passenger exit.

If you have booked the service for yourself, the driver will use an EXCEL TAXI SANT CUGAT sign by default. If you have booked for a third party, the sign can show their company logo or the name of the passenger, based on your instructions. All drivers have tablets as these make it easier for them to adapt the sign to your preferences.

No. It costs our customers exactly the same to book their pick-up with us as it does to get a taxi from the taxi rank.

The taximeter does not start running until you get into the taxi.

The driver will send the customer a message to tell them who will pick them up and therefore customers can contact the driver directly if necessary. Using the App, customers can see which driver will pick them up and they can call them directly as well, also through the App. If you would prefer not to receive messages, you can select this option in the App.

Drivers are aware of the flight’s status and therefore, if your flight is delayed, the taxi driver will ensure that they are at the airport to pick you up when you land.

In any case, if you have still not taken off from your city of origin and you are aware of possible flight delays, it would be very helpful if you could provide us with any information you can.

If your luggage takes a long time to come through or if it gets lost and you do not contact the driver, they will wait for you for an hour after the plane has landed. If, on the other hand, you do contact the driver, they will wait for you until you appear, even if it takes more than one hour. As long as the delays are caused by problems not attributable to the customer, waiting time will not be charged.


The meeting point is on the corner of Bar Nàutic, exit through the Plaza de Paíssos Catalans exit next to the station pharmacy, turn left and walk about 50 metres. SEE MAP

No. As there is more than one exit from the platforms, we would not know where to stand to be seen. Also, the high volume of people in the terminal would make it very difficult to meet and there is no special area for waiting cars. In this case, it is very important that the customer knows where the meeting point is and that we have their telephone number to send them a message so that they can contact the driver if they can’t find them.

Just like with airport pick-ups, the taximeter only starts running when the customer gets in the taxi.

You can call us from any other phone to find the best solution. Remember that if you have access to more than one phone and the taxi driver sent the message to the phone without any battery, you can still find the telephone number of the driver through the App on another phone, or by accessing the App on the Website.